Meet Eileen MacDonell

Eileen is a globally recognized bestselling author and coach renowned for her expertise in cultivating transformational mindsets among accomplished, mission-driven women worldwide. With a passion for empowering women to reprogram their thoughts for unparalleled success, Eileen has become a trusted figure, impacting thousands through her dynamic approach. 

As the architect of the Unlock & Unleash Experience and the EVOLVE program, Eileen has crafted a revolutionary framework guiding women towards profound personal and professional transformations. Her internationally acclaimed books, including the bestselling "Cracking The Rich Code" and the featured work "The Aligned Alchemist," have solidified her reputation as a thought leader in mindset mastery. 

Recognized for her outstanding contributions, Eileen has received several leadership awards, securing her position among the top 1% of 76,000 entrepreneurs in her industry. 

Unapologetically owning her woo, Eileen draws from many certifications, including being a Certified Napoleon Hill Instructor, Certified Tony Robbins Coach, and an Energy Healing Practitioner. Through her coaching, tailored for ambitious entrepreneurial women, she guides them to step into their power, transform their thinking, and confidently claim their next greatest version of themselves. 

Eileen's commitment to the empowerment of professional women is not just a calling but a proven journey, one that continues to inspire and uplift those seeking a profound shift in mindset and success. 

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